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Currently offering extended warranties


Computer Repair


Repair and troubleshooting


PC Tune-UP

Tune up your PC with a thorough cleaning, disk defragmentation and disk cleanup, Does not include virus removal

Create/Restore CD

Make a copy of your PC's restore data from your hard drives onto a CD

System Restore


Virus/Spyware/Adware Diagnostic and Removal

Does not include purchase price of virus removal software

Diagnostic Only Diagnose

system for hardware/software issues

Diagnostic and Repair


Intensive System Repair

(Non-iMac/Apple Computers)
issuse arising from misuse, neglect or abuse may not always be repaired. All computer repairs are subject to the availability of parts

Netbook Repair


(Windows® Only)

Notebook Repair


(Windows® Only)

Desktop Repair

price is subject to change based on parts

Data Protection


Data Transfer or Data Backup

(no limit)
$20.00 (per 10 gig)

Wireless Network Sercurity Check


Data Recovery

includes initial assessment of drive/disk to determine if media can be recovered.
100% no data, no charge. if we cannnot recover your data, there is no charge.

Hard Drive desktop/laptop recovery




Software installation of single software title.

Does not include operating systems.




installation of sound card, graphics card, optical drive, power supply, modem or Nic
Motherboard $25.00

Operating systems


Peripheral Install/Setup

installation of printers, all-in-one, digital cameras, webcam, and scanners